Wellness is a Performance Indicator

Healthier employees are more productive and perform better. Providing a robust corporate wellness program gives your organization the competitive edge that it's looking for to attract and retain top talent.

Tangible Results

Our goals are simple and measurable. We want to help you reduce the number of employee sick days, eliminate obesity caused by sedentary lifestyles and drastically cut prescription medication costs associated with diabetes from your work force.

Are your employees stressed, eating poorly at work and struggling with a work life imbalance? Your workforce could be suffering and you may be at risk for higher attrition rates due to an unhealthy culture.

See What We Can Do for You!! ​

Perform better as a whole. Let's customize your wellness solution today!

A healthy work environment creates a healthy work force.

HyperTrain Athletics' Corporate Wellness Solutions team will identify the issues that are impacting your company's total wellness and we will customize a measurable strategy for you to maintain a healthier, more active and more productive workforce.

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Corporate Wellness Solutions

Healthier Employees = A Healthier Business. We Can Help.

Our Corporate Wellness program is customized to fit the unique culture and goals of your organization. HT45 is a Solution as a Service (SaaS), providing a comprehensive corporate and organizational wellness solution to create a healthier work force. 

What Does this Mean to Your Bottom Line? 

Studies have shown that medical spending falls by $3.27 for every dollar spent on promoting employee wellness. Cost of absenteeism drops by $2.37 per each wellness dollar spend. So what you put in, definitely returns to your bottom line. 

What We Do for Your Company or Organization 

"We bring the gym to you."  We will turn your gym or flex space into an active workforce training facility. No gym, no problem. Our mobile gym is equipped to serve as a full-service gym – indoors or outdoors.  We design a safe and challenging training program for your organization on your campus with our professionals. 

In addition to corporate training, we will work closely with your wellness coordinator to provide suggestions and implementations on cafeteria and vending improvements, ergonomics, stress reducing activities, and wellness checks, all of which works together to create a healthier work environment and a healthier work force.